“The Power of Blessing: How to Unlock the Blessings in Your Life”

Story: Young Man and Mountains  (Source: ChatGPTAI Internet)

Once upon a time, there was a young man who was always looking for ways to get ahead in life. He had heard that blessings could bring good luck and prosperity, so he set out to find the most powerful blessing he could.

He searched far and wide, asking everyone he met if they knew of any powerful blessings. He met a wise old monk who told him of a blessing that could make him rich and successful, but it required him to climb a tall mountain and meditate for a month. He immediately set off to climb the mountain.

After a long and treacherous climb, he finally reached the summit. He sat down to meditate and waited for the blessing to come.

But as he sat there, he realized that he had forgotten to bring any food or water with him. He grew hungrier and thirstier with each passing day. By the end of the month, he was so weak and hungry that he could hardly stand.

Just as he was about to give up and head back down the mountain, he heard a voice.

“I have been watching you this whole time. You have been blessed with determination and perseverance, but you need to remember that blessings also come in the form of common sense and practicality. Next time you seek a blessing, do not forget the importance of planning and preparation.”

He laughed at himself and descended the mountain, he returned to his village and started to plan before doing something, and he was able to achieve success not only in his business but in his personal life too. From that day on, he never forgot the importance of blessings, but he also remembered that sometimes, the greatest blessings come in the form of a good lesson.

What is Blessing?

The power of blessing refers to the ability to impart positive energy, well wishes, and good fortune to someone or something. It is believed that a blessing can bring good luck, prosperity, and protection, and can help to overcome challenges and obstacles. The power of blessing can come from a religious or spiritual source, such as a priest, spiritual leader, a loved one, a friend, or even oneself. It can be a powerful tool for positive change and growth.

The greatest blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach, but a wise man will not wait till they are pressed upon him.” – Seneca

The blessing should come straight from the heart i.e., a place of LOVE. It can be a thought, a whisper, or spoken aloud.

We can offer a blessing to someone and can also accept blessings from others. Blessings can be positive or negative. It is up to us how we use it in our life.

Example: We casually say to our children that ‘you will never be on time or you always forget your work.’ By saying so, we are disempowering the other person to feel that way. Similarly, when your mother or a saint gives you a blessing when you are going for an important work if you accept that blessing, you feel empowered and move ahead to achieve that.

One very interesting thing about blessing is that it empowers the other person to put in their best but it does not mean that the other need not have to put in their best. We should be careful when we are taking or giving a blessing to anyone. We should never feel/give a feeling that whatever is happening is only due to my blessing or the blessing that I have received!

Example: Before going for an examination, when a child takes the blessing of their parents, the child feels empowered by the blessing. But the child has to study hard and deliver his/her best in the examination too. Blessings can only make us feel stronger and happier but it has to be coupled with hard work. One interesting thing in this scenario is that if the examination went off well, the child may say that it has happened only because of the best wishes of the parents. But it is not completely true. By saying so, the child is losing his/her capacity and depending only on the blessing of others.  

“A blessing is not something you wait for; it is something you work for.”

Why Blessings is Important?

Blessings can serve as a reminder of the positive things in one’s life, as well as a source of inspiration and motivation to live a good and meaningful life. They can also provide comfort and reassurance in difficult times and help foster a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the blessings one has received. Additionally, blessings can serve as a way to connect with one’s spiritual or religious beliefs and practices.

How to Effectively Learn the Art of Blessings?

Be mindful of your thoughts and words: When you are giving/receiving a blessing, be mindful of the words you use and the intentions behind them. This will help you to give/receive blessings that are heartfelt and authentic.

Practice Gratitude: A key element of giving blessings is being grateful for what you have. Practice gratitude in your daily life and learn to appreciate all of the good things in your life

Meditate: Meditation can help you to focus your mind and clear your thoughts. This can help you to give/receive blessings that are more powerful and meaningful

Practice Mindfulness: Mindfulness can help you to be more present and aware of the blessings in your life. Practice mindfulness regularly to help you to receive/give blessings more easily

“You will be blessed the moment you realize you already are.” — Bryant McGill

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SP Jaiswal
1 year ago

Really it’s very meaningful and eye opening for any individual to get the blessings along with his/her hard work and sincere efforts!
You have well pointed out that how person can fulfill his wishes!