Self Talk

This book is vastly influenced by my personal experiences, practical experiments, many erudite writers like Shad Helmstetter, Joseph Murphy, Brian Tracy and above all the holy book, the Gita.

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About Book

As I look exactly 12 months back, I was not having an iota of an idea that I will be completing my first book within the next year. Although, it was always in the bucket list that someday I will write when I was not sure. The seed of writing book germinated from my father Dr NK Mangla, who has written many books related to Yoga, English language and textbooks for school (Commerce, Accountancy, Business Studies & Economics). Today I feel that my father would have been very proud of my first achievement.

In April 2019, my mentor, Vidyanand, prompted me to write a book about my experiences so far. He gave me the confidence that I can express myself in words. When I initiated the process, another noble soul, Som Bathla, helped regarding how to write a book, structure it, its different steps & possible challenges. Hasnain Waris was another good friend who helped me on the entire journey.

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