As per Bhagavad Gita, “Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is!”

Story of a man in the Forest:

There was a man who was passing through a forest and he loses his way to the forest. After trying for several hours to find the right track, finally, he surrendered his fate to God and decided to rest for some time under a HUGE tree. Since the traveller was extremely tired and hungry, he thought ‘can I get some food to eat in this forest?’ The guy was not knowing that he is sitting under a WISH tree wherein he can get anything that he will desire. As he was very hungry, thirsty and tired and his prayers were honest and pure, immediately he found the hot and delicious food of his choice in front of him. The guy was extremely happy and without thinking much, he started eating and enjoying the food. While he was eating the food, since he was thirsty too, he thought, if he could have something to drink. Since he was sitting under a WISH tree and prayed with honesty, immediately, he found an energetic beverage to drink. As he was very tired, after enjoying the meal, he thought of relaxing and sleeping for some time. When he woke up after the sound sleep, he was feeling much better, calm and energetic now.

Now his mind started wondering about what was happening to him in the last couple of hours. He realized that whatever is happening with him is not logical, practical and convincing. Now he got a bit afraid and started looking around himself. Since he could not comprehend what happened to him, he started feeling tense and thought that there may be an evil soul in this place. If that evil soul can provide food and beverage in this dense forest, then that evil soul can kill me too! Since he was sitting under a WISH tree, immediately an evil soul came in front of him and obeyed his wish and killed him!

From our early childhood, we have grown up listening to all these stories from our grandparents and parents (if they had time from their careers!). The most paramount and important thing in this story is the kind of ‘self-talk’ that guy was doing with himself which has resulted in certain results in his life.        

You must have heard about the term ‘garbage in, garbage out. Whatever we will think, it will come out as a reality. Remember when you google something, what do you do, you just enter a word and you get the desired output. Has it ever happened that you were searching for an apple and you got information about lemons? Say you type in GOT (Games of Thrones) on the google search and you will get all the details related to it and nothing else.  Similarly, if you put ‘Mindfulness’ in google, you will get all the possible material related to ‘Mindfulness’ only.

According to a study, on average we have 45000 to 55000  thoughts in a day which translates into 25 to 35 thoughts a minute. It means that our mind keeps on fluctuating throughout the day. Like breathing, this is a normal process over which one does not seem to have any control. Consciously, a human being does not know whether or not they are breathing, still, we survive, even while sleeping! Like at this moment, as you are reading, are you conscious about your breath or it is just happening? Similarly, thoughts keep on coming and going; and it looks like one has no control over them. As per the spiritual study, it has been concluded that thoughts cannot be controlled, but can very well be steered towards the direction of choice.

As per Joseph Murphy, “If we start to ask ourselves the right questions, it will change everything. Empowering questions unleash your ability to take action and express who you really are

Self-Talk is an internal monologue or inner speech, i.e., a person’s inner voice that provides a running commentary of conscious/unconscious thoughts.

Self-Talk works wonders during any little or big challenge in our lives. If you are consistently saying to yourself that YOU are stronger than your present circumstances, YOU will certainly succeed. Constant self-talk will prime your subconscious mind, to achieve the desired result.

As per Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.5, “No one can rest even for an instant without action. For one is always made to act by the forces born of nature

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Ashish Tiwari
Ashish Tiwari
2 years ago

Wonderful read. Thanks a lot