The objective of any new revision of the Standard is to bring something new and contemporary. It reinvigorates the users to understand the new Context of the Standard and upgrade their Management Systems accordingly. ISO 9001: 2015 has introduced new words like Context, internal & external issues, interested parties and their needs & expectations. Let’s understand their nomenclature. Context: As per the Cambridge dictionary, its literal English meaning is ‘
In IATF 16949: 2016 (First edition) Standard, many new words have been added like Interested Parties, Risk, Context, Product Safety, Corporate Policies, Embedded software, TPM, Temporary Change, Interim action, Error Proofing, Repair etc. The objective of all these new terminologies is to align the Standard with the present scenario in the Automotive Sector as well as Customer Specific Requirement (CSR) of IATF subscribing OEM. One very common activity which happens
Can any organization work without Systems? If the answer is Yes, do you have any example to share? If No, then, what to do? I think, ISO 9001 Quality Management system series has done exemplary service to the globe by creating a system through which we not only establish & monitor Systems of our organization but we can also build trust over other organization if they are certified for ISO
Supplier Audit
“A good auditor never makes mistrakes!” – Unknown Traditionally before marriage, there is a custom to visit ‘to be bride & groom’s place’ and verify the facts (sometimes neighbours and work of place too!). The intent is to ensure that future relationship remains fruitful. In present times, something similar happens in the industries, wherein organization verifies the performance of the supplier during selection and for consistent performance. As per ISO 9000:
“Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today” – African Proverb In India, for thousands of years, when a child is born, there is a tradition of preparing horoscope (Janampatri). It not only tells information (Karmas) about their past but also about this birth too. In present times, we have Social Security Number or Aadhar Card (in India) which gives complete information about a person. Control Plan serves the