“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.”― Mahatma Gandhi Introduction During the election campaign, political parties talked about women’s empowerment but if we look into the number of women candidates, the story is entirely different. Moreover, if we look at the number of women elected to the parliament, the number is minuscule as compared to what the politicians preach while requesting
Story: Sage, Elderly Man and Pigeon (Source: Google Baba) Once upon a time, a saint was travelling through a village. When the villagers came to know about the sage, they invited him to spend some time in their village and share some wisdom. The sage was able to answer all the queries of the villagers and he became an instant hero in the village. One elder person did not like
“Justice has always evoked ideas of equality, of proportion of compensation. In short, justice is another name for liberty, equality and fraternity.”― BR Ambedkar Introduction When twins are born in a family, the general expectation for the parents is that both will have similar choices and tastes. Like they will prefer the same food, music or sports. But the reality could be entirely different. They may have different choices for food
Story: Businessman, Sage and Ring (Source: Google Baba) Once upon a time, an affluent man lived in a city. He was a very successful businessman with an abundance of wealth. But still, he was always worried and restless. One day he met a sage in his hermitage which was situated in the forest next to a nearby village. When the man met with the sage, he shared his problem with
“No culture can live, if it attempts to be exclusive.” ― Mahatma Gandhi Introduction We are born with different talents. Some people pick new languages easily, some people have a good knack for mathematics, some people can talk to strangers comfortably, some have inborn leadership qualities, some are afraid of swimming and many can die when they just think about public speaking. Does It make anyone smarter than others? The answer